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Greater Houston NGV Alliance

Case Studies, Documents and Information.

Documents Library

Near Zero Emissions - Cummins Wesport


Near Zero Emissions - By Cummins Wesport - Great insight on emissions sttatus and next steps.

File Name:  CWI Near Zero June 2016 Clean Cities NGV Houston v01.pdf

Description:  Near Zero Emissions - By Cummins Wesport

Facility Compliance



  • Understand the hazards
  • Evaluate the functions needed
  • Determine the number of bays meeded
  • COnsult a Professional
  • Check the applicable codes

Detailed informations and insights: Click here to open the document

File Name:  Foose-Nat-G-Facilities.pdf

Description:  Facility Compliacnce

CNG Infrastructure Guide


Increased national interest in the development, operation, and use of Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) as an alternative vehicle fuel creates a need for an expanded CNG vehicle refueling infrastructure. The Drive Natural Gas Initiative (Drive Nat Gas) offers this primer to help those desiring to get started in pursuing CNG development. 

File Name:  CNG_Infrastructure_Guide.pdf

Description:  CNG Infrastructure Guide

Apple Towing Case Study


Apple Towing Case Study

File Name:  Apple-towing.pdf

Description:  Apple Towing Case Study

2014 Natural Gas Conference at Port of Houston


Following are the presentations and documents featured during the GHNGVA event at the port of Houston in September 2014

File Name:  Westort

Description:  Presentation from the Westport Team

File Name:  TRRC-POHA-Conference.pdf

Description:  Railroad Commission of Texas

File Name:  State-of-NG-Industry-POHA.pdf

Description:  State of the Natural Gas Industry

File Name:  RevLNG-POHA-Conference-v2.pdf

Description:  Overview REV LNG

File Name:  Nat-G-for-POHA-Conference_9-16-14.pdf

Description:  Nat-G Presentation

File Name:  ParkwayNGV.pdf

Description:  ParkWay NGV Solutions

File Name:  Nat-G-CNG-Stations.pdf

Description:  NAT-G Stations

File Name:  Loves-CNG-Stations.pdf

Description:  Loves Travel Stops - Overview

File Name:  Longoria-POHA-Conference-ppt91614.pdf

Description:  Port of Houston - NG COnference

File Name:  Lodge Lumber - Case-Study.pdf

Description:  Fleet Overview

File Name:  Houston Galveston Area Council

Description:  Funding for Vehicles & Infrastructure

File Name:  GPStrategies-POHA-Conference.pdf

Description:  GP Strategies - Alternative Fuels Division

File Name:  GHNGVAlliance-President-Message.pdf

Description:  GHNGVA President Message

File Name:  Freedon-CNG-Stations.pdf

Description:  Freedom CNG - Overview

File Name:  Economic-Alliance-2014-POHA-Conference.pdf

Description:  Economic Alliance - Port of Houston

File Name:  CumminsWestport-POHA.pdf

Description:  Spark Ignited Engines - NG

File Name:  AppliedLNG-POHA-Conference.pdf

Description:  Applied LNG Gulf Coast Natural Gas Initiative

File Name:  Apache-Case-Study.pdf

Description:  Natural Gas Transportation Fuel Initiative

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